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First Baptist Church of Weston
Photo Gallery: Where We Worship
Where We Worship
View From Educational Center Entrance
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What The Minister Sees
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What The Minister Sees
Or maybe even bride or groom.
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Short Window
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Another Far View Look
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Another far view look
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The Glass Behind The Choir Loft
This stands behind our choir area.
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Our Organ
Built in 1914 and reconditioned in 1993 by efforts from Pastor John Simmons.
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View From The Back
This is the view from the back entrance of our Sanctuary. You can also see that our church is equipped with a state of the art DLP projection system. The projection system is an important part of our worship service and expierience. We use it to project announcements, videos & music, hymns, live feeds in our Sanctuary.

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View from the Right
Our facility can hold around 300 people.
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Entrance from Front of Church
Through the wooden doors & up the steps you will reach our Sanctuary.
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Come take a visit to our church to see the magnificient windows!
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Another picture of our stain-glass-windows.
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There are a variety of texts on our stain-glassed windows!
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Various text on stained-glass-windows in our church!
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