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First Baptist Church of Weston First Baptist Church of Weston

Centered In Christ For Over 150 Years! Centered In Christ For Over 150 Years!

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    From Pastor Mark and the deacons- 

    First Baptist Church of Weston family and friends.

    We will be reopening our sanctuary for Morning Worship Service beginning Sunday, June 14th. The following information is provided to give you some understanding of how this will be accomplished. Additional information will be provided over the next 7-10 days as we get closer to the reopening. The deacons will also attempt to contact members of our church family during this time to get a better estimate of those that plan to attend.

    The health and safety of our congregation is of the utmost importance. You are encouraged to make the best decision for you based on your age, health and living arrangements in regard to your attendance.

    This information will also be provided in the June Newsletter that you should receive in the mail by early next week. If you have any questions, please share them in the comments below or contact the church, Pastor Mark, or any of the deacons at your convenience.

    1. Worship Service only. No Sunday School, Bible Study or other events will be held at the church for the present time

    2. Worship Service will begin at 9:30am.

    3. If you are feeling sick, have recently been sick, or live with someone that has, do not attend these services. If you have a fever, do not attend these services.

    4. If you are age 65 or older, or have underlying health conditions, you are highly encouraged to not attend these services until the threat of COVID-19 infection has been significantly reduced.

    5. Yes, we love each of you and we miss you, but we want to keep you and the rest of our church family healthy and safe.

    6. The Worship Service will continue to be shared on Facebook Live and recorded.

    7. Wearing face masks is highly recommended. Disposable masks will be available for those needing one. If you refuse to wear a mask, you may be asked to sit in a designated area.

    8. The entrances at the glass doors and the ramp are the only two entrances that will be open.

    9. A deacon will be available at both entrances to assist you.

    10. There will be no childcare available. All children are to remain with their parents.

    11. Hand sanitizer will be available at all entrances/exits and various other locations

    12. An offering plate will be available at the entrance to the sanctuary for placing your tithes.

    13. All Bibles, hymnals and handouts have been removed from the pews.

    14. Congregational singing will be restricted

    15. Only those within the area around the pulpit are permitted to remove their masks.

    16. No seating permitted in every other pew.

    17. Persons will be spaced 6 feet apart unless they reside in the same household.

    18. Water fountains will be turned off. However, bottled water will be available.

    19. Restrooms will be available.

    20. The congregations will be dismissed from back to front when the service is over to ensure that a safe distance is maintained between individuals.

    21. Church family will be contacted this coming week about your intentions in regard to Worship Service attendance on June 14th.

    Please keep Pastor Mark, the deacons, and the entire church family in your prayers as we move forward to reopen the doors to our church. May God grant us wisdom, guidance and protection as we seek to do His will